Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Think Thin

We are back from Canyonlands, and I am going to attempt to give you a feel of what we saw. In short, it was a great trip, and I was amazed as always by the incredible scenery that God has set out for us. My first shot however shows you something made by Man. Originally built in 1916, this bridge across the Colorado River took traffic until1986 when a more modern bridge was built a bit down stream. I recall crossing this bridge in 1979 with a Chevrolet Suburban, hoping we would not knock off the mirrors.........How could that have been 29 years ago.........it must be someone else's memory.....or age is catching up with me...best not to think about this too much :)


photowannabe said...

Yeh, now..the 50's aren't the olden days but my kids seem to think so!!
Love the perspective of this shot and it does really look narrow and a bit scary to me.
Glad you had a good trip. God has made an amazing world, hasn't He?

home fitness said...

Canyonlands is a great area for photography! Even when you are outside the park around six-shooter peak and lavendar canyon the shots are amazing.