Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Do

I accept bills larger than a $20, feel free to send any unneeded 50's or 100's my way. You could also send me funds via your debit or credit card, if you are willing to go through Pay Pal. My basement project will thank you. :)


photowannabe said... your sense of humor Bill.
I accept ALL cash....not a problem.

Jim said...

Funny post.

Jana said...

LOL Good post.

Annie said...

Bill with a bill sense of humor both here and on my blog today. Hotel California was really funny.

Z said...

So, it turns out that Switzerland has 1000 franc notes. And the economy is still very cash-driven, with credit seldom used (something I approve of, having had a couple of young acquaintances in the US who had declared bankruptcy before the age of 35!) Anyway, one day I paid for a CHF 3.50 train ticket with a 1000 franc note, and I don't think I'll ever forget that experience of not seeing even one raised eyebrow.