Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back Country

The back Country of Canyonlands offers some stunning scenery, especially in the winter when you often have most of the park to yourself when backpacking.

The following shows where the shot was taken. You can pull back on the map to show all the shots from this trip:

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K M F said...

wounderfull image

Jim said...

All of your pics from backpacking have been super. I would love to be able to do that someday.

Pierre said...

Hi Bill,
Wonderful indeed... The perfect hiking place, isn't it? If you don't mind, this pic will be my new wallpaper ;)

Nathalie said...

Bill this is very exciting, I'm really enjoyed this series on your backpacking expedition. Wouldn't mind joining you one day, the scenery is fantastic.

Meg in Nelson said...

This is Utah, Bill? I thought it looked like the start of Grand Canyon, but I had to look up Google Map to make sure you weren't in Colorado.

Jana said...

Great series of photos.

Meg in Nelson said...

Thanks, Bill. I thought it looked like the start of GC. I admit, I went to Google Map right after I came here, and, oh, I was shocked!! to discovered Colorado is further south than I thought, and Wyoming further east than I remembered. Unless of course the states moved after I left the US.

I lived in Tucson for a year as a kid, and I'm sure I was taken to the corner where the four states meet, but even back then I was fuzzy on the fourth state. Colorado sounds so much colder and further north than Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

Live and learn.

Marcel said...

Thanks for posting these photos. What a wonderful place to have been. I guess I best plan a vacation to my home state.

Marcel said...


Opps you are right, I'm grew up in Colorado near Castle Rock. forhead slap what was I thinking?

I guess I got too excited about the photos.

About 3 years ago we flew into Las Vegas and then met friends who drove us over to Zion and Bryce. We had planned on doing some canyonerring in Utah and or Arizona but as luck would have it, there were flood warnings everywhere we went. When we were in Page, AZ we were there on an all time record rain fall day. I guess when you live in a rain forest and go on vacation to the desert Murphy’s Law is going to make it rain. It was even flooding in Vegas.

Ioanna said...

It's a relaxing photo!
My husband spends almost all day in front of a monitor! I avoid doing this, I like computers, I enjoy communicating with my new friends in this daily photo community, but I'm afraid that computers can "suck me" !!!
Bye - bye, the sun is wonderful outside! :)