Thursday, January 03, 2008

Homage To Deltas Diversity

As mentioned in some of my early posts, Delta is known as the City of Murals, and as you look around town, there are many. This one is downtown, and tomorrow I will show you more of it, but today I want to point out something I find interesting. This mural was done in sixteen years ago in 1992, and to the best of my knowledge it has not been defaced. There is some recent graffiti a bit down the building, and I did do a post about graffiti on another mural a while back, but all and all, the kids of Delta seem to respect the art and the artists, and these murals survive. To the youth of Delta, past & present, I say thank you!


photowannabe said...

How nice to find public artwork untouched by malicious fingers. I like how you centered on the boots and the title of the painting. It makes a super composition.

Dan said...

From my visits to Delta I remember the art on mainstreet. Good to see it is respected and maybe even treasured enough to not be defaced.