Sunday, August 27, 2006

Peaches For Sale

It’s that time of year, and small businesses spring up everywhere. The produce must be sold, and time is of the essence, but it is not spent creating signs! When most people think of Colorado, they think snow, but that is not the case here. A few inches of snow in this area is a big deal, and that makes for a good area to grow crops. It is not a wide band of fertile soil, but it does produce well. Olathe Sweet Corn is known far and wide as some of the best available. Now if you do like snow, head an hour or two to the south and there is World Class Skiing at Telluride, or an hour to the north slopes of Grand Mesa for a smaller operation, or you can cross country ski on top of the mesa, but not for a couple more months! For now, the afternoon rains will keep the crops coming, and there is nothing like fresh locally grown produce. The Gala should be coming soon, and I can't wait!!

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Anonymous said...

The olde National Cash Register (NCR) built in 1909 for a wholesale lumber company in Delta County, was acquired by the Davis Clothing Company in the early nineteen twenties when the lumber company sold and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado.