Thursday, August 31, 2006

Build Just What You Need, No More, No Less

This building was obvious built to satisfy the exact needs of the tenant. No more, no less. Now, I don’t know if Simmons is the original owner, but he does use every square foot of the place most optimally. More importantly, he is a master at his craft, his prices are absolutely reasonable, and he will bend over backwards to make sure you are taken care of. One Saturday a few months back we called at 8am to have the keys changed out on 6 locks. He was done by 9:30am! Near as I could tell, there was no extra charge for the weekend work, the fast response, or the house call. Delta Colorado has not outgrown good service, and this is just one of many examples.

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Kim said...

Welcome from Seattle Daily Photo! I see you've been posting for awhile now, and wish you lots of fun showing us Delta through your lens.