Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And Then There Was None

Since 1896, with one exception in the late 1990’s I think, there has been a hardware store on Main Street in Delta. Today that will change, possibly for ever. The local ACE hardware is moving north to the edge of town. Now I know it will be the same great people who love to help you out. I know the store will be bigger and brighter. I know the selection will likely be better, and parking will definitely be better, but I do have a soft spot for old hardware stores. I love to hear the wooden floors creek as you walk in the store. I love the narrow isles where you must make eye contact, and exchange greetings as you squeeze past each other to get by. I love the creative ways that they find to squeeze everything they want to stock into the limited space. I love the old hardware stores, but they are becoming a relic of the past, bowing to the financial realities that result when the “big box” stores move into town. Main Street is one of the special assets that Delta has going for it. It is my sincere hope that the town council & Chamber of Commerce don’t loose sight of that. Hopefully the next tenants of this corner will light a spark in the down town……..


Matt J. said...

I agree with your comments 100%. The creaky wooden floors add a distinctive charm. I think both the hardware store owners and the city council need to wake up and realize these changes are shortsighted!

Louz said...

Really enjoyed visiting your new blog. You're creating a really evocative sense of place... I miss wooden floors that creak when you walk on them:)

-d-man said...

bill, nicely being done! cooddos -d