Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back In Time

Imagine if you will that you found yourself transported through time some 90+ years, landing today in Delta Colorado. Further imagine that as you stood on the street, the sound of all the new fangled mechanical horses was more than you could stand, but there on the corner you spied a familiar site, the Davis Clothing Store. You wandered in, and immediately the sounds of the street went away. You felt at home again. They still sell hats, boots, belts, pants, shirts, and blankets, and they can repair much of what they sell as well. The proprietor is still a Davis, the display cases have not changed, the floor has not changed, and the cash register may be the same, but you’re not quite sure. The service and products are both still top notch. Your hat does not fit? Not a problem. Your hat got caught in a rain storm? Not a problem. The brim fell off your favorite hat? Still not a problem. Need a new hat, formed just so? Not a problem. Don’t want your hat to loose its curves lying on the front seat of your mechanical horse? Not a problem, they have ideas and products to handle that! Just want to sit a spell, pull up a chair. They do still sell many other items as well, but you know, time travel was hard on your old hat, and a good steam cleaning might just do the trick… When you get something right, don’t change it!

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