Monday, September 15, 2008

This Hole Sponsored By

If you are a long time visitor to DDP, you may recall my 4th post from August 26, 2006 was from Davis clothing. Well, they are still around, and sponsored this hole. Thanks Much! While I did not win the clubs for a hole in one, perhaps Brad will buy me a new ball to replace the one I managed to loose on this hole :)

The day was a success. There was fun:
  • Fun
  • Fellowship
  • Food
  • Prizes (I won a new club that I am sure will improve my fairway game (as if I had a fairway game)
  • I only lost 6 balls
  • Over $2000 was raised for STL.
Looking forward to next year if we are able to stay in Delta, but that will depend on how the interview goes today that I have down in Florida. Come to think about it, I am looking forward to next year regardless of how the interview goes......