Friday, September 12, 2008

Speed The Light

Our church is a big supporter of an organization called Speed The Light, which is a group that supplies transportation to missionaries. You need a backpack & boots to get to a village in Nepal? No Problem. Need a Bike to get around the town you are serving? No problem. Need a Land Rover to get through the African deserts? No problem. Need a plane to get in the far reaches of South America, let me problem! Basically they Speed the Light of the Gospel to the world!

Now, don't ever let anyone tell you that supporting missions is not fun! This past Saturday morning, men and women from all around Delta all paid in $50 to get into this 4 person scramble out at Devils Thumb Golf Course. Notice the irony? Here everyone is out at the driving range, getting ready for the event. While I was not able to get a picture of it, perhaps the funniest thing I saw was a heard of antelope in the driving range at about 200 yards. They were completely oblivious to the golf balls flying, or mine that were rolling by :)


photowannabe said...

That sounds like a terrific support group. Some of those items are so difficult for the missionaries to get themselves.
That must have been quite a scene of antelope playing and golf balls flying. I'm afraid I would have beaned one of them if I had been there...LOL

Keropok Man said...

That's a wonderful organization speeding up the work of spreading the gospel.

I should google and find out more.