Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last week was the 2nd annual Father Daughter Purity ball, and this year I was able to to take 3 of my daughters, and we had a ball! Good food, a good message, lots of dancing, and good talks. Dads, make sure you spend quality time with your daughters, you will not regret it!


Sara N said...

Always There is a special love between Father and daughter!
Thanks for sharing.
It is my first visit of here and I am sure I will come back.

I have Mashhad photo daily blog (Iran),It would be intresting for you to visit it and see something diffrent that some medias like you to believe ;)

Sara N said...

Thanks Bill,
Yes,I and Meead are the Mashhad photo daily blog authors,but Meead went to Portland for continiue his education and now I do it alone.
Are you an Architect?It is intersting for me because I am student of Architecture at university!

Sara N said...

O yeah,I was wrong!
I just noticed to the word "Architect" in your profile :P
I am sorry Bill,although you are an architect in your own way!

photowannabe said...

Amen to that. I have 2 sons that both have daughters. My one son especially has special date nights and times with each of his girls. They are both closely knit families that have the Lord as the head.