Sunday, September 14, 2008

Island of Green

It is not as far as it they told me! One option was to hit to a green area out of the shot on the right, then over the hill, or if you were manly, just hit it over to the green.......Well I did not want to be non-manly, so I did not shoot to the right. I simply scalped the ball and hit it 20 feet or so into the desert where it was easily findable before it dropped into a ravine :)

Ah the advantages of a scramble. One of our team (who does not understand dead ends) was able to get a playable shot, and another ball was lost forever! (Not mine this time)


JM said...

That is so beautiful, it doesn't look real!

photowannabe said...

Really lovely countryside. I'm afraid my ball would never have made it where it was suppose to go. Putt putt golf is my speed.