Monday, July 02, 2007

Left is Good

Yellow signs are generally thought of more as suggestions, and not all suggestions are listened to…..I would suggest however that you consider taking this suggestion. Oh, and stay between the lines!

Delta is a great place to be based from an outdoor perspective. In that winter, spring, and fall, the area around us that reflects the deserts of Utah is a great place to play, but come summer, it can be a bit warm out there. It was around 100 in Delta Saturday so our focus moved from the deserts of Utah to the Mountains of Colorado, and we ventured down to Ouray and Silverton for a day trip of 4 wheeling in the high country. The temperatures were pleasant, the sun bright, the flowers blooming. I want to give you a complete picture of this area, so over the next week or so, I am going to share a bit of what we saw on that excursion. I hope you enjoy the ride. I know I did!


Anonymous said...

Interesting post today. Some of it reminded me of our recent trip to southern West Virginia.

Abraham Lincoln
American Gold Finch—

Kate said...

These roads usually make my heart beat a little faster, and it's not only because of the spectacular view--call it fear!

OJ said...

Wow, Bill!! That's a "million dollar" view.

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful view but would hate to go over that hill. Wonder why they have no guard rails.

photowannabe said...

The straight and narrow,between the lines is the way to go.
Great shot and I'm looking forward to your 4 wheeling adventure.

Chad Oneil said...

Left is very good.