Sunday, July 15, 2007

Goat Heads & Hitchhikers

Yesterday’s shot was somewhat costly for me. I was out riding my mountain bike when I came across the drive-in, so I rode in. There is a type of thorn in this area known as a Goat Head, and even though I attempted to stay on the gravel, a number of them jumped on for a ride. I got about a mile away from the theater when my front tire went flat. I attempted to pump it up thinking maybe I could get another mile, but that was an exercise in futility. There were so many of these Goat Heads in the tire, I knew patching it was out of the question, and my wife was out walking somewhere, so I decided to do the same, walking my bike home another mile or so. By the time I got home, the back tire was flat, and when I changed out the tubes, the Goat Heads pictured were still hanging on to the tire!

As I walked my bike home, dressed in only the finest bicycle rider’s get-up, I was passed by at least 6 pickup trucks that could have easily given my bike and I a ride home. Now I was not sticking my thumb out, but did suspect someone would stop. One guy going the other way did wave, but alas, I guess my black mirror wrap around sunglasses gave me a “shady look” (pun intended) to all the others. It was a good walk, none the less.

So here is my question to you: When was the last time you picked up a hitchhiker or stopped to help some who looked like they needed help? Do you still do it?


Anonymous said...

I have not heard of Goat Head and assume it must be nasty and a hard thing to puncture a pumped up bike tire. Wow. I still carry a spare tube with me on my bike and a can of compressed air (small) to use in case my tire goes flat. So far never had to use it.

I would be up the creek if I had a flat as I have breathing problems and can't walk far without using a puffer.

Too bad somebody wouldn't stop and give you a ride.


Angela said...

Wow, sorry o read you had take a unwanted walk. I think the last time I hitch hiked was when I was 17 and walking through Northengland with a girlfriend. A lady eventually gae us a ride. Now these days, I wouldn't do that anymore.
I would offer heelp...but i guess to a woman only. Got to be careful in today's world, right? Sad, but true

Salty Dawg said...

Too bad the goat head got your tires but at least you were on land and could walk away!

As for helping stranded motorist, I have but usually only “mature” folks or someone I know. When I hit problem #4 on our Murphy’s Law vacation (check out my latest post) of the many boats around not one offered any assistance what so ever and like you I didn’t ask. I may rethink offering a tow to the next broken down boat I encounter after that considering that my tow job cost $760.

Annie said...

I often ask women at grocery bus stops if I can give them a ride home. But I haven't picked up a hitchiker in many many years. I fear there might be risk. I wonder if I'd have stopped to help you, with your goat headed tires.

lv2scpbk said...

Never heard of these. I don't pick up hitch hikers at all. It would have to be someone I know and trust. A few years ago a lady picked up a hitch hiker who she did know and he stabbed her. He had said someone was going to get it and since he couldn't get the other lady he wanted he stabbed this lady. It was in the papers. She knew him and always talked to him. So no, I do not pick anyone up, you just never know.

photowannabe said...

My husband and I haven't picked up a hitch hiker for many years. San Francisco area really wasn't a safe place to do that, but we have helped change the tire on several occasions for elderly people that look like they were in dIstress.
Those thorns are really violent looking.

Neva said...

I never hitched and I never pick up....elderly people I usually help--or call for help for's world being what it is...however....depending on where you are and where you live...I would have suspected someone might stop and give you lift...and those thorns look mighty nasty, I might add.

The Cindy Knight Clinic said...

Hi - It isn't illegal to hitch hike in Britain but I wouldn't chance it. I have offered old ladies a lift home if they are waiting at the bus stop though if that counts!
I am a "my Name is Earl" karma kinda girl and a week after I gave the old lady a lift home I won two tickets to the Silverstone Classic car racing - nice! Do as you would be done by is my motto.