Tuesday, July 03, 2007

From Whence Does it Come?

Around 12,000 feet above sea level, the air is cool, the trees are gone, the plants hug the ground tightly, and the rivers begin. Silver threads that bring life to the valleys spring up seemingly out of nowhere. When you look at one of these by it’s self, you think God has done a miracle just for me, bringing water from the rock……….but then you look around, and they spring up everywhere……and then they connect. Two small threads combine to form a larger one, again, and again, and again. Suddenly the miracle is not something for your own amazement, it is something that makes life possible……but we get to see where it begins, and that is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. We need this kind of reminder on water and air and the environment. All of it is in danger because of Global Warming or emissions or pollution or a host of other things. It is a shame that we allow people to fish out the oceans and dump barges of fecal matter in them and do all the crazy stuff governments and people do. One of the biggest complaints I have is that we all use perfectly good drinking water to wash cars and flush toilets. Used water would work just as well. Or that we pee in the toilet (a few ounces) and use up to 9 gallons of drinking water to flush it into the sewers. When I realized that, a long time ago, I changed the toilets to 1.5 gallon flush models and saved a bit of water.

I really like your post today and your photography that is with it. I hope it sparks some savings somewhere around the globe.

Abraham Lincoln
Now You Know Where Flowers Go

Curly said...


this is one of the best pictures I've seen this week. Boy, you must live at some altitude to capture scenes like this.

Thanks for sharing it.

South Shields Daily Photo

Chad Oneil said...

Beautiful image.

...I'm back, come on over!

Susan said...

Beautiful view!

Comment regarding the anonymous comment some time ago (sorry so late, it's been a while since I've visited).

I don't know what in the world he's talking about when he/she says you insult??? Makes no sense. Just sounds like a jerk with a capital "J." Kind of pathetic as is the one that sounds like the "wannabe" that he accuses those people of. Sad.

Joel Reynolds said...

Hey man, good shots here. I love the southwest - looks great through your lens.

photowannabe said...

God's creation is amazing. I never cease to marvel at it. Beautiful shot and composition Bill.