Saturday, July 28, 2007

Class of 1997

So I am riding by this sign, and I think to myself; Nice of them to congratulate the seniors, but they just graduated, how can they drink?1997wait, that is 10 years ago..Perhaps they are using a old sign, and forgot to update the waitIt must be that the class of 1997 is having their 10 year reunion! Yea, thats it, they are having their reunionin a bar.must be a small classToo much thinking going on, time to get the morning coffee before something goes really wrong in my much thinking before coffee is dangerous.


photowannabe said...

My head doesn't wrap around 1997 being a whole 10 years ago. I know that's showing my age but my goodness how time flies by.
I guess I need my second cup of coffee now too.

travelphilippines said...

i was batch 98.

Annie said...

Your comments are apt. Wasn't 1997 just a year or two ago?

Now I'm feeling old all of a sudden.

Chad Oneil said...

I was batch 98 too ;)

I'm sure that reunion is going to be funny to watch with everyone getting "slammed" in that bar.

Lavenderlady said...

Oh, the babies who have commented...I was batch 66. I used to say age was just a state of body, however, did not get the message.