Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yes Annie, they have bears as well, but these guys are a bit unusual. I imagine that there is a bee hive full of honey just out of reach, but through teamwork, they will get the prize. Not a bad life lesson actually…….


isabella said...

Don't want to be politically incorrect, but he could stand to lose some weight ;-)))

photowannabe said...

The carver seems to have a sense of humor.
Teamwork is the best way to go, though maybe Dad bear is using his kids so he can get the honey without the big effort. I guess that sounds awful, doesn't it? Dad working with his kids for the good of all is much better. Sorry, my brain does funny things sometimes.

Annie said...

Ooh, I just want to rub the tummy on that big bear! That's a neat chain saw carving.

I wanted to clarify that Patsy's not my sister in real life. She and three of her sisters do all blog and I read her regularly.