Friday, January 05, 2007

A Girl And Her Horse

Here is another statue I stumbled upon while out “shooting the town”. Every time I turn around, there is something I have not seen.

Sorry for the late post, work started with a 4am conference call!


Olivier said...

encore une tres belle statue. belle perspective dans ta photo. c'est le meme sculpteur ?

still a very beautiful statue. beautiful prospect in your photograph. it is the same sculptor?

photowannabe said...

Nice composition and i like the shadow play on the statue.
That's pretty early start for work. Hope you can get some rest.

Meg in Nelson said...

4am? I hope you get time-and-a-half or something!!

Salty Dawg said...

Nice statute series. Delta is a beautiful place and you capture it so well!

Bill said...

No time and a half, but I can't complain about how they take care of me. Welcome to the wonderful world of operations!