Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cold Hand

k, the tease is over, here is the entire statue.


Olivier said...

la statue entiere est tres belle et pleine de joie.

the whole statue is very beautiful and full with joy.

photowannabe said...

Beautiful statue. It seems to be on a street corner. Why is it there? Is it in front of a park?

Bill said...

No, just on a street corner, a part of a project to spruce up the city a number of years ago.

Meg in Nelson said...

That's an interesting sculpture. Is her whole weight on that just one arm? Is she picking up a water lily? I enlarged it as much as I could, but couldn't tell if the water lily was on a bench... Very interesting. Kind of makes me want to get out of her way if she's swinging in a big circle.

Dsole said...

That's a nice sculpture!
i'm visitng your blog for the first time, you have wonderful photos!

madrid dailyphoto blog

Bill said...


Yes, it is supported by just the arm, which is attempting to pick up a water lily. The entire thing is on a bronze table, a bit higher than a bench. It is a very interesting sculpture I think.

Dsole, Thanks, and welcome to DDP!