Saturday, December 15, 2007

View From The Past

I wonder what those in the past would think of the future we have created......


Annie said...

Don't you suppose some things would seem miraculous and others would seem insane?

I remember my grandmother, who was born in 1900, telling me all the changes she had seen over her lifetime. When I listened to her I felt both the miracles and the insanity.

photowannabe said...

Great picture Bill. I like the shadows and the little look at the world beyond.
The world we live in would be totally mind boggling I would think. Too fast and probably confusing.

Zsolt said...

they would be very surprised I guess:)

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Rambling Round said...

Well, they would likely be aghast at how much stuff is expendable.

Pat said...

Bill, I really like the shadows and the light in this photo. What an interesting photo.


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Salty said...

Love the composition of this shot!

As for what they would think I'm sure it would depend upon whom you would ask. Just like today some would be for progress at any cost and others would regret that the old times had passed.

Kerri said...

Love this shot! The shadows, framing, everything!

I wonder what we're going to think of the past in 20 years from now....or how we will view the future.

I'm sure the world we live in today would be very unbelievable to those who lived 100 years ago.