Thursday, December 06, 2007

Round and Round We Go

Exactly where are we going again?


Kerri said...

Oh My , this is funny! I love to see them "diving" for food!
And PERFECT caption!!

photowannabe said...

Is it Ring around the Rosey or here we go round the mulberry bush? Funny shot Bill.
I love the way your photos tell a story.

Coffee Messiah said...

Nice shot......btw, this isn't a picture of our elected officials attempting to actually do something, is it? ; )

Olivier said...

en France on chanterait "La danse des canards".

in France one would sing “the dance of ducks”.

Tracy said...

Great image!! When we run around each other we play "Duck, Duck, Goose", what do you think their game is called?

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