Sunday, December 30, 2007

Count Down - #3

On January first, the theme is your favorite picture of the year, so I thought I would do a top three, and here is #3. It was originally posted on 10/14, and shows the first snow up in Imogene Basin, which is about 50 miles to the South of Delta. The place has a special meaning for me as one year earlier we scattered some of my Mom's ashes there, near a waterfall that was one of her favorite places to visit.


Annie said...

Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it's special meaning to you, that makes it special for me, too.

Marcel said...

A very nice photo for sure. I'll look forward to seeing the 2nd and 1st place photos. Happy New Year.

Kerri said...

Wow...this is a beautiful one! And what a special meaning!

Looking forward to #2 and #1 :)

Curly said...

Nice choice, what a landscape!

Very best wishes and a happy New Year to you too,

from South Shields Daily Photo