Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome To Delta

As we proceeded east, the G6 started giving us some trouble, and the Air Conditioner stopped working. We had the top down, but it was hot, and the AC was still nice to have. Fortunately we were not far from help in Delta Utah! The Pontiac dealer in town took us immediately, and was able to get us fixed up enough to get us home. Modern electronics are amazing. Our poor little G6 had split brain syndrome where one sensor thought it was very hot, the other through it very cold, and the brain decided that we should not be allowed AC as a result. A quick clear out of “the codes” put the six back in its right mind, and we were on our way. When we got back to Delta Colorado, our dealer found a bulletin that called for some brainwashing, and that took care of it for good.

Thanks to the good people of Delta Utah & Delta Colorado for keeping us on the road! Now, the good people of Delta Colorado need to get a better sign!


photowannabe said...

How nice that the two Deltas could service the Brain.
Wonderful trip pictures.

Annie said...

I do know something about split brain syndrome :) I've had lots of practice doing more than one thing at once. Delta, Utah . . . is it in the mountains?