Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Room With A View

The Continental Divide is an imaginary line that runs north to south across North America, and basically all water east of that line heads to the Atlantic Ocean, and that to the west goes towards the Pacific. Some does end up in the Great basin, but that is the subject of a future post. Following close to this line covering around 3100 miles across 5 states is the Continental Divide Trail. As the trail winds through Colorado, it sometimes runs together with the Colorado Trail which runs 479 miles from Denver to Durango. These trails don’t maintain them selves, and tax dollars are not sufficient, so volunteers are recruited to work on sections of both trails

This past weekend, I volunteered to cook for a trail crew that was performing maintenance near Twin Lakes Colorado, about 3 hours from Delta. This and the next 7 posts will show you some of what that area is like. I think you will enjoy it.

My perch for 2 nights was on this bluff high above the twin lakes. Fall was in the air, along with nightly rains. There is something rather relaxing about spending a rainy fall night snug in a tent, only to be greeted by a deep blue sky.


photowannabe said...

Glorious mountain scenery and that's a wonderful thing to do so the trails can be maintained.

boo boo said...

well it looks very homey and cozy