Monday, September 03, 2007

Highway 1

Highway 1 hugs the coast of California, and the views are spectacular! At one point we pulled over to simply watch the waves crash against the rocks. Not a bad way to spend time!


Annie said...

That's really spectacular and humbling to see.

Jilly said...

Not a bad way at all! Super photo.

photowannabe said...

So glad you pulled over just to see the view.
I do miss the ocen views. Now I live 2 hours away instead of 5 minutes.
Enjoying your travelogue.

Annie said...

I'm laughing at the idea that Dan has manipulated you for your comments on his blog.

Dan said...

Actually, Bill has been in the top 3 on PDP for quite some time, but lately, Annie has been commenting like crazy. Bill was about to get kicked off the island. :)

I see 3 or 4 comments from Bill today. Must be trying to redeem himself. :)