Saturday, September 01, 2007

Road Trip - Guadalupe Beach

The timing of my one year shot ended up being rather well timed as that afternoon, my wife and I found ourselves leaving town unexpectedly. We had planned to take the following week of for a driving trip around Colorado to celebrate our anniversary (23 years), but circumstances changed, and we found our selves leaving on a 9 day road trip on about 2 hours notice! We left Delta around 2:30pm. The top was down on our G6, luggage was in the back seat, and we proceeded to drive straight through to Los Angeles, about a 13 hour trip. Around 9pm, the temperature was around 85, the sun was low over the hills of southwestern Utah, the cruise was set at 75 (ish), and Joe Cocker summed it up as “Feeling Alright” filled the air. We arrived around 2:30am, and I spent Thursday and Friday working at our Beverly Hills office. Once the work was done, we proceeded to start our modified trip by driving north on Highway 1, not really knowing where we would end up. Over the next week or so, I will give you some highlights of that trip.

We had never been on the central coast of California, and it was wonderful. Lunch on Saturday was done at a road side stand where I drank from my first coconut using a straw that was punched into it (Patrice was not as impressed as I was), and we saw a lot of surf.

As we drove North, Patrice called a friend who had lived in the area, and she recommended we stop at Solvang for Danish. We were already four miles north of that, but we turned around to see that town. Let me just say this, the Butter Ring is not something a doctor would recommend, but oh my they are good!

There was a car show in town as well, and we enjoyed simply looking around town.

From Solvang, we continued north and ended up staying at a B&B in Pismo Beach, but just before Pismo Beach, we came across the small town of Guadalupe, and a small sign that said “Guadalupe Beach – 5 Miles”. It was a one way road to the beach, but we decided to check it out, and I am glad we did, as the late afternoon sun made for a wonderful walk on the beach with a crashing surf. Afterward, we sat at the picnic table and continued working on the Butter Ring.


Annie said...

Well, that was short little vacation from blogging. I thought you were signing out for good but then, poof, you revealed yourself to be as addicted to this as I am.

How did you like Hiway 1? It totally freaked me out to be riding along the edge of a cliff, rockslides on one side and ocean on the other, for so many miles. I should have had Joe Cocker signing loudly to help me get through the white knuckle time.

Best to you, Bill

photowannabe said...

Bill, I'm happy to hear you were in our neck of the woods. Sometimes those short unplanned trips are the best. After work just point the car and go. My favorite way to travel.

Carla Dallas said...

I did some work in Guadalupe a few years ago and also loved this beach, had it all to myself! Guadalupe is such a cute town (don't you want to take a train and get off in that Guadalupe train station?!) Also there's a great nature preserve called Bear Lake (or something like that) I really enjoyed because of the long long boardwalks over the water.