Friday, June 01, 2007

New Rides

Well, with the Saturn Ion Quad nothing but history, it was time to find a replacement car. Dad wanted a convertible, but it also had to be able to be towed on all four wheels behind the motorhome. Hardtop Saturns had always been the choice for towing....until he saw a Pontiac G6 with convertible hardtop, and it can be towed on all four wheels.......But do I let Tim use it as he had the Quad.......Tim got a Dodge Dynasty, built in the same year he was born. His payments start today :)


GE said...

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Salty Dawg said...

Good choice for Tim! The old Dynasty is a much better car to roll down hill with than a convertible :)

Annie said...

And both you guys look happy as can be about your respective cars.