Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Once a year the carnival comes to town to charge you $4 for a short time on a ride that lives mainly in a semi truck. The midway gives you the chance to spend $5 throwing 3 darts in an attempt to win a stuffed animal. Suddenly $4 for a Coke in London seems like a deal! The older kids paid or borrowed their own way to this once a year event. $25 got them Unlimited Rides! When home, I asked if they would rather have the $25 in their pocket, and to a kid, they said YES! Cheap lessons :)


photowannabe said...

An expensive lesson for cheep thrills. When the kids were small we tried to stay away from the rides. To much money just blown but once in a while we had to give in.

Annie said...

Here one could pay $6 for a ride on a roller coaster that got stuck, leaving the riders upside down for 4 hours.

I imagine there are lots of people rethinking the cost.