Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Development

The development of new homes is sometimes done in a tacky way, but this new development in Delta has a certain amount of class. Nice houses, larger acreage, and great views.


Anonymous said...

As long as nobody is making new ground, the development business will grow. How it grows depends on local governments and input from the citizens. I guess you have something special there and you seem to approve of it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice is a relative term. Nice homes cost millions of dollars and not merely 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollars as in this developement. although the homes in this subdivision are better than the 100 yr old homes in town, they are a long way from being nice. where are the swimming pools? where are the green houses? where are the courtyards? where are the domestic help living quarters? where are the guest houses? where are the helipads? where is the guard shack of an exclusive upscale gated community? where are the 4+ car garages filled with Bentley's and Lamborghini's? where are the stone and block privacy walls? where are the automatic gates on the driveways? THERE ARE NONE and I could go on and on. If you want to see nice homes, go t5o Hollywood Hills, Laguna Hills, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Park City, Aspen, Telluride, Greenwich Village, The Hampton's etc. and you will seethat you have nothing to be proud about in the meadows subdivision. Those homes don't even have upscale roofing. no metal, noconcrete, no tile, not even cedar shake roofing. There are no 2 or 3 story homes with thirty foot banks of windows to enjoy the view, no 20 ft. fountains or water features to even get the feel of being nice. That neighborhood is nothing more than a place for wannabe peasants of middle class America to hang their hats andthink they have something special. When compared to nice homes, they have not!!! I have been watching your blog and reading your comments for sometime now. You nee3d to get a clue and a hint of reality before you insult the wrong person who will make you pay $$$ and take away your shanty.

Chad Oneil said...

What a view.

Bill said...


I guess we have different opinions as to what nice is. Using your scale, the hobbles of Telluride should bow their heads in shame when compared to some of the places you see in Europe. Now they are nice! No wait, Bill Gates has a nice house I heard, but no, that is only 3 bedrooms……..There is always a bigger fish as they say.

The tacky places I was referring to are developments that seem to have street after street of the same thing, and they go on forever. The developers of those areas tend to think very short term, and do not consider the long term implications of what they are building. The short term value gained by cramming as many people as possible into the smallest area possible, into places they can build as fast as possible is just….tacky.

I love the wide open spaces of the Delta area, and I especially love the people. When we came here under difficult circumstances, we were overwhelmed by the generosity and true caring of most everyone we met. I don’t think I have seen a Lamborghini or Bentley in town, I don’t think there are any gated communities, but I have seen some large windows to take in the incredible views of this area. I have met one person with a court yard and an indoor pool, and he came out to meet me as I walked past. His project is a labor of love, not something pretentious. The people here are approachable, honest, and caring. I consider it a nice place to live, and appreciate developers that attempt to build something special, either individually, or in the form of a community.

It was never my intent to insult anyone, but if I did, I apologize. Perhaps my sense of humor is misunderstood. As for this wannabe peasant of middle class America, I am proud to be a resident of Delta, regardless of where I hang my backpacking hat/ball cap/biking helmet. Now if I can just figure out why anyone would wannabe a peasant……just kidding, just kidding. Anonymous, relax a bit, and enjoy this special place. Also, introduce yourself some time, there is an email link in my profile, and you might just find that I am not all that out of touch.

Kate said...

Bill, I would ignore the comments made by anonymous. It would be nice if negative, personal comments would be made in private rather than on your blog. Or to have the courtesy of applying one's own name. A public forum isn't always the best way to address pet peeves. I and others enjoy your blog and you have every right to express your opinions since you own what you say by using your name.

photowannabe said...

I'm with Kate and her comments. Its your blog and you do own what you say.
Bill you have an interesting, informative and photographically beautiful blog. You don't offend me at all. If you did, I wouldn't look at it ...
I say-Anonymous...either fess up or keep your comments to yourself..

jules said...

Clearly anonymous is confusing the word "nice" for "luxury".

OJ said...

If you want to see "tacky", go to most major cities across America and you will find homes where, if neighbors reach out arm to arm, they probably can touch each others houses. I lived in a major urban area for 20 years and just before I left, some 8 years ago, I stood at the patio door of my nice shiny new house (2 years old) and counted 31 rooftops. All visible in plain view. We paid $200,000 for that? Now I live in a rural community, on 3/4 acre, in the trees and don't know of anything I would trade it for. To each his own, I guess.

Salty Dawg said...


Don’t waste another moment of concern over the negative comment. We all have differing opinions and this is your blog, you’re free to express yours! Have you offended someone? WHO CARES!!!

I have never visited Delta but through your beautiful blog I feel as if I have already been there. Keep up the great work! If Anonymous doesn’t like your content or your opinions he/she need only click away and never return. For me I’ll return frequently for I love your photographs and whit! I have never visited Delta but through your beautiful blog I feel as if I have already been there. Keep up the great work!

PS Block Anonymous comments in your settings and at least you will have a blog to visit if this should ever happen again.

Anonymous said...

Bill, you definitely do live in a NICE neighborhood. You did not say upscale, exclusive, classy, elegant or superior. You just said nice. I think we need to consider the word choice. Nice: pleasing; agreeable; delightful; amiably pleasant; kind. (Definition from I think all of these words apply to your home and subdivision and none seem to apply to the anonymous post.