Friday, June 13, 2008

Trail Closed

This trail leads down to the geo-cache I posted shots of a few months back, and today I got an alert about the cache that the contents are spread all over the place and the container gone, due to the flood. Fortunately, that is the only damage I have heard of so far this spring.

Note, I will be away for the next week or two, and don't know when I will be back to comment on your blogs. Hopefully I have pre-posted enough pictures to cover the time I will be gone.


Denton said...

Your photo make me want to go hiking this weekend ... Thanks for scheduling your photos to post while you are away.

Denton from Greenville and the Daily Photo Map.

photowannabe said...

Have a successful time away and glad there will be pictures while you are gone.

Carla Dallas said...

I hope you all were ok, the floods were so terrible in colorado this year :(