Friday, April 11, 2008

MJDLWBHDTC for short

My parting shot from the museum comes from looking into the back of a 1930 Model J Duesenberg LWB Hibbard & Darrin Transformable Cabriolet. It is a bit grainy since I was shooting hand held with a high ISO on my small camera, but this shot is fun to zoom in on any way. Take a look!

You will probably see more shots from the museum show up now and again, but that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Gateway Auto Museum, come again!


Anonymous said...

Bill, About your haze question in Salt Lake - I wondered at the haze, too. I didn't notice a haze when I was taking the photo - it was a gorgeous clear day right after a storm and there wasn't much visible haze to speak of. In the winter, when we have a couple of weeks without storms, we get inversions - a layer of warmer air that traps the other air in the valley. The air can get quite dirty when that happens, and if you go up into the mountains, you can get above it and see the gorgeous blue sky above the "cloud". Other than that, however, it's pretty clean.

photowannabe said...

I have so enjoyed this series and I think this last shot is very arty. Loved seeing it enlarged.

Jo Cool said...

Is that your dad in the shot? What fun - three generations of Ducat men enjoying the sight of fine automobiles together! I'm sorry to have missed out; that museum is definitely on my list for when I'm back in Delta to visit.