Thursday, April 10, 2008

East Bound & Down

In the movie Smoky & the Bandit, there is a classic scene between the guy who wants 400 cases of Coors beer moved east very quickly, and "The Bandit" (Burt Reynolds). It goes like this:

"I need a car "
The assistant pulls out a wad of $100's, and peals off bunch.
"A fast car"
He peals off a bunch more
"Faster than that"
Again he peals off a bunch more

In the next scene, the Bandit drives this car out of the truck, into American history, and onto my wish list!

Mr. Hendricks, if you want to donate this to Bill's collection, feel free, but I must warn you, it will end up with more than the current 75 original miles, but hey, the people of Delta, and a few state troopers will get to see it! Perhaps this is not such a good idea........


Salty said...

Nice post! I enjoyed your series of the museum cars.

photowannabe said...

Whew, that's an awesome piece of machinery. No wonder you want it. It would probably end up costing you more than you have though. Great shot Bill.