Thursday, April 26, 2007


As I mention in my summary for this blog, Delta is an area of transitions. The previous two days posts are both looking west. Today we look east. Generally speaking, to the west, life is on top, and canyons cut through the landscape. To the East, life is in the valleys, and the mountains push up through the land. That trend to the east will continue for the next 200 miles until you get to Denver and Colorado Springs, when the mountains suddenly stop at what is known as the “Front Range”.


Anonymous said...

It seems like a vast landscape that would take a long time to walk to the mountains.

Abraham Lincoln

Pierre said...

Hi Bill, you are in a great outdoors mood these times! So am I indeed :)
Many places in the United States are so wide and so sparsely populated! I feel the "call of the wild" just by looking at your latest pics...