Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Room to Roam

Spring means fresh grass, and these two horses are making the best of a lazy afternoon


pennyblack said...

wow! it's green. that's good to see. and nice pic.

p.s.- that last batch of pictures i posted are from a disposable film camera (possibley left over from 1910). my digital point & shoot broke again and i won't get my dig SLR until May when my dad comes out here for a visit (don't want to pay for the shipping, got to save every yen i can for my trip around the world).

Curly said...

Is that still snow in the background Bill?

Enjoy the trip to London, I've left my recommendations on my blog!

The Wellspring said...

This picture makes me think of the tune "wiiiide open spaces..." :) Don't have much of that here so it's refreshing to see.

I have tried to post several times on your site over the past weeks but it never works. Here's to another try!

~Lisa in Quito

The Wellspring said...

yippeee! It worked!

Meg in Nelson said...

This is one big picture!

Bill said...

Pennyback: I look forward to pics from your trip!

Curly: Nope, just dobie mud!

Wellspring: Delta=Wide Open Spaces, and & love it!

Meg: Thanks, it is fun to enlarge this shot and pan around.

kris said...

such a big field for 2 horsie, what a lovely getaway :)