Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lawn Ornaments

A number of people in this area have lawn ornaments in their yard. Many times, it is a cement deer, duck , or rabbit, large ceramic pots, etc. We often thought it would be fun to put something unexpected, such as a cement kangaroo, just to see if people would notice……..

We never thought of a flying saucer……..


Annie said...

That would catch an eye or two.

Olivier said...

cela me rappelle ce fran├žais qui avait creer une soucoupe volante dans son jardin, en esperant pouvoir s'envoler sur Jupiter..au derniere nouvelle il est toujours dans son jardin ;o)

that points out this French to me who had to create a flying saucer in his garden, while hoping to be able to fly away on Jupiter. .au last news it is always in its garden ;O)

Keropok Man said...

any chance that it is actually a real flying saucer?