Thursday, March 15, 2007

Walk – Don’t Walk

I did not walk, but I did shoot….my camera


Anonymous said...

A nice photograph. I looked at the large version in an effort to see what kind of camera you had but didn't recognize it.

Kate said...

Very clever!

photowannabe said...

Clever portrait. I just like the whole composition.

Olivier said...

tres bon autoprotrait, maintenant on pourra te reconnaitre si on te croise ;o)

very good autoprotrait, now one will be able to you reconnaitre if you are crossed ;O)

Bill said...

I shoot a Canon D60, and usually have a Canon EF 17 - 40 mm F4.0 L lens attached as it is my favorite. I have had the D60 for about 4 years, and picked up the 17-40 about 2 years ago. I love how the D60 feels in my hand better than some of the newer ones, and will never buy a non L series lens again. I love my current setup, and highly recommend Canon equipment. I would also recommend that you stay with the mid to upper end lines. You get what you pay for. Quality not quantity is the way to go with cameras.

santy said...

yep, very creative indeed!

Anonymous said...


I have what I can afford. I am an old man at 72 and will be 73. I began taking pictures with Canon cameras in 1953 in Japan using black and white film and began to experiment with color when Kodak first came out with it.

I have owned Canon and Nikon cameras. I just refuse to pay $4,000 for any camera or lens or both.

I try to make do with what I have at the moment. I use the lens that came with my camera 18x55mm with close-up macro. a standard 100mm lens and a 75x300mm lens.

I am investigating the new Canon lens with stabilization and may buy that as my first white lens.

I must say that all of the photographs I took from 1953 - 1956 are housed in the Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore where they are used by scholars and students in Japan. Sometimes they do put on exhibitions, once each year, of my work and they have very good attendance.

I have been written about dozens of times in Japanese newspapers and talked about on television programs there.

I have sold a lot of photographs in the past but no longer sell them. I am developing a catalog of images and have taken over 17,000 digital images with this Canon in a little over one year and all were taken in my back yard in the middle of this city.

I came to thank you for stopping and commenting.

My apologies for taking so much space.

Anonymous said...

hey love all these pics!