Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Sure Sign of Spring

The grass has not greened up yet, but the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees, and the JV Delta Panther’s took their first game against Nucla Mustang’s 11 to 3. Go Panther’s!


photowannabe said...

You are right, this is a sure sign of spring. I love the composition and colors in this shot.
Bill, we'll be moving to a place about 2 hours from here called Roseville, probably 50 min. further than Sacramento. Our son and his family live there and it will be nice to be closer to them.

Pat said...

Ohhhh, "Go Blue Jays!!!"

Nice shot. Yep! A sure sign of spring!

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Ben said...

I love baseball! (NZ does not play, but I was in my childhood in Japan.)

We are getting into autumn, outside temp is getting cooler in the morning recently.