Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Think About It

I guess they really don’t want you to take the papers......without paying!


Olivier said...

En France pour montrer les conditions des Prisons, sur la place de l'Hôtel de villee de Paris, ils vont mettre une cage transparente au taille d'une prison et avec les memes conditions d'hygienes. Et des policiens, des artistes, des anonymes, vont venir passer une ou plusieurs journees dans cette cage devant tout le monde. En France les conditions en Prison sont totalement deplorable..

In France to show the conditions of the Prisons, on the place of the Town hall of Paris, they will put a transparent cage at the size of a prison and with the same conditions of hygienes. And from the policians, the artists, from the anonymities, will come to spend one or more days in this cage in front of everyone. In France the conditions in Prison are completely deplorable.

Annie said...

Okay, I'm thinking about it. But before I saw this and thought about it, I'd never thought of taking paper without paying for it.

Kate said...

This is a rather formidable sign. Makes me wonder about the disparity of sentences for running afoul of the law. Legislators in my country need to get their act together to rid society of some of the ridiculous sentences while others are getting "away with murder"--ala OJ.

Andrew said...

Oh no, I hope no one caught me on camera stealing all the papers.

photowannabe said...

Whew, that's harsh but if it was lenient no body would care and things would get ripped off in nothing flat.
Thanks for the info on your brother in law. Its great for the family to do the DTS together.
Your comment on the Central Asia picture--The mosque complex is really huge. I took the picture from the head of the stairs that lead down to the buildings. Its quite amazing how old this is and how blue the tile still remains.

Pat said...

Hey! What a good sign!

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