Wednesday, December 06, 2006

On The Water

We got the boat launched with no issues, and the day could not have been better. It was cold, but we were dressed warm, there was very little wind, and the river was calm (at least this part). You can see the road we came down on the hill side ahead. What a day for a float!


Anonymous said...

cela doit ĂȘtre un moment magique, quand on decouvre ce paysage. Superbe vue.

that must be one magic moment, when this landscape is discovered. Superb sight.

photowannabe said...

Amazing adventure. Great picture coloring and story.

kris said...

the scene is breathaking! so is yesterday's and a day before..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kris -- truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill this is absolutely SPECTACULAR!
It reminds me of Bryce Canyon which we saw under a thin coat of snow just like this some... 20 years ago !?! It was SO overwhelmingly beautiful. What a great country you live in!

Anonymous said...

cool and very peaceful view.
the mirroe-water!!!

shanghai daily photo

Ben said...