Friday, December 29, 2006

The Destination

It does not matter the time of year, bring your swim suite and relax in the world’s largest hot spring pool!

So what was the subject of the picture from the 26th? Will you win the prize? Check this posts comments tomorrow morning for the winner.


photowannabe said...

Nope, I wasn't even close...Great contest and prize. This looks like a fabulous place to soak away the stress.

Anonymous said...

Got your email, tried both google and blogger info on this posts and was rejected again. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them without leaving you a message?

kate from visualstpaul

Olivier said...

j'ai toujours rever, un jour, de prendre un bain en pleine montagne enneigée. cela doit etre superbe.
ça donne envie.

I have always to dream, one day, to take a bath in full snow-covered mountain. that must be superb.
that gives desire.

Bill said...

And the winner is …….Annie, but by accident I suspect! In her 6:25 AM comment she said “Is this a picture of the hot springs in Glenwood?” I suspect she meant the Hot Springs Pool in Glenwood, which it is not, but that is not what she said…..Immediately to the East of the pool complex is a natural outlet of the hot spring, a pond of you will. It is about 10 feet in diameter and filled with rocks. The water is a toasty 120+ degrees Fahrenheit, with a strong sulfur smell, and it rolls like boiling water. Unfortunately I was not thinking contest when I took the shot, and I did not take a general shot of the pond, but hopefully you get the idea. It is however a hot spring in Glenwood, so congratulations Annie from Little Rock!

Annie, please use the email link from my profile to send me your photo selection, print or matt size (max print is 8.5x11), and a mailing address where I should send the final product. I should be able to get the print done this weekend, and will get it to the matters on Tuesday (this will be professionally matted). Not sure what their back load is, so I am not sure how long this will take. Most likely a couple of weeks, but I will let you know after I drop it off.

Thanks everyone for playing, I enjoyed seeing you all put on your thinking caps!

I am not setup to sell prints as a regular thing, but I will make this offer to anyone who has played the game this week. If you are interested in getting a professionally matted copy of any shot on my site, I will put that together for $25 + actual shipping costs (you determine shipping method). I let the matting company pick the matt color for me as they have an eye for that. Framing is also available, and again I let the matting company make the call on frame style. If you are interested, send the appropriate info to my email address in the profile, and I will tell you where to send the money. I will leave this offer on the table through January 2007.

For the record, I do my own printing using an HP DeskJet 9800 printer, 66lb Glossy “Advanced HP Photo Paper” (currently), and HP photo inks. Most pictures are taken with a Canon D60 (6.3meg Digital SLR), or a Canon SD900 (10meg compact unit). They are resized and resolution set to 300dpi using Adobe Photoshop before printing. I decided to do my own printing after a local graphics shop could not give me the quality I was looking for, and have been very pleased with the results. The photos in this contest series were taken with the SD900, which I have been pleasantly surprised with as it only cost me half the price of the main lens I use on the D60!

Thanks everyone for playing!

Annie said...

Yea! I'm a winner, if only by default. You did indeed bring a smile to my day, Bill.

I guess no one would like to sit in a pool that smells strongly of sulphur, right?

I've been to Colorado but never to Glenwood or the Hot Springs there. I really must physically travel more someday but right now I travel via cyberspace.

Bill, would you do me the favor of giving the framed and matted print to a charity in your area? Perhaps there is one that is a home for youth or the elderly and who would like something beautiful and inspirational and local for their clientele to see every day? I imagine you would put a huge smile on lots of faces that way - and it will save you postage, too!

Your game was fun . . . I liked playing along.

Happy New Year,

Bill said...


I always suspected you were a “class act”! Our church supports the House of Promise, a home for abused mothers & their children that is located in Olathe Colorado, and I will get a copy of the November 5th post framed and taken down to them. Their website is Look for a post about them in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Annie, both for winning and for being generous! I watched your contest and tried to enter but was rejected (as Kate said). I was not right anyway, but it was fun to "play" virtually. Your photos are superb, and it will be truly enjoyed at the destination you suggested.
Carol from St. Paul

kris said...

ah, i just wanna dip my feet, that's would be heaven !