Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Oarsman

Riley was the oarsman for this trip, and a capable one at that. While these are not the largest rapids you will ever see, extreme care is needed when you are in single digit temps (for my non US friends, think -12). Fortunately, we did not get wet at all! One other benefit of having an expert oarsman is that he would position the boat exactly right based on where I was pointing the camera. As I was twisting to track the eagle, he was smoothly and quickly turning the craft to make so I did not need to twist my head off, or fall off the boat. That was very much appreciated!


ruth said...

It must be breathtaking, for many reasons.

photowannabe said...

I know I keep saying awesome but it is. I can almost feel the icy air and the excitement you were feeling on this ride.

The Wellspring said...

I feel cold just looking at this picture...sort of makes me glad to be in South America - he he he