Monday, October 23, 2006


It is likely that this mural was painted before the vandals were even born. I wonder what values they were taught. Was it enjoyable to destroy what had been there for so long? If they are caught, how should they be punished?


Kate said...

I love street art but abhor whatever mars it. How about community service, scrubbing down and removing unwanted "art?"

Marie McC said...

An interesting question. How about this: their punishment, in addition to carefully restoring the murals that they vandalized, should consist of taking art classes then painting an original mural on another downtown wall. That would certainly give them not only an appreciation of art in general, but might also change their minds about ever doing it again.

Ujima said...

Yes, Marie. The Mural Arts Program here ( takes them after they are made to clean up the mess they have done and other graffetti. They have art lessons and also fetch and carry for the artists who are making murals. Some excellent artists have been discovered among the miscreants.