Friday, October 20, 2006

Get Aways

On our honeymoon many years ago, my wife and I were driving across Canada from Michigan to Maine. We stopped for gas, and got talking to the attendant. He asked where we were from, etc. When we told him we were on our honeymoon, he exclaimed you came HERE for your honeymoon? I said where would you go? Kind of sheepishly he said… “The states”

The grass is always greener, some other place in the world, and there is always a travel agent around to help you get there! As I move around the various Daily Photo websites, many mention the once-in-a-lifetime trips they have taken to other places in the world. It is always fun to see someone going to a place you live, when your desire is to visit where they live!


Annie said...

Funny, huh, that he would say "Here?" Of course, there - or anywhere. On a honeymoon everywhere is beautiful and holds promise.

Bill said...

Yea, at that time you still have not figured out what you just got your self into :)

However, it has been over 22 years and I would do it all over again!