Sunday, October 15, 2006


As I have mentioned in other posts, the Dobies are a prevalent feature in this area, all around the base of Grand Mesa. It is hard to imagine the process that formed them, but basically they are the bed of an ancient sea, and when they get wet, they long for the good old days. What is equally interesting is how suddenly they stop. The tree sits at the edge of a fertile valley, and immediately after the bleached out hills, the slopes rise quickly to the conifer forests of the Grand Mesa.


Marie McC said...

Nice shot! It looks a lot like sand dunes.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely superb!
So they're harder than sand, are they? Like sandstone or harder still?

Caz said...

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Bill said...

They are really mud dunes, not sand dunes :)

The local kids love to ride motorcycles all over them.

Anonymous said...

wow, amazing landspace! thanks for the info. as well :)

Ann said...

Wow! It looks so beautiful!