Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good Night

Each night our camp was washed by a nearly full moon that got so bright, you really did not need a light to get around. One evening I walked out of camp down into the canyon, and just stood. The pale light all around me on the canyon walls slowly gave way to blackness as the canyon stretched out, and the silence was incredible.

Alas, we soon had to leave this special place and get back to reality, but I hope you have enjoyed my attempt to give you a glimpse of what we saw.

It’s now time to run up on to Grand Mesa to watch dog sledding. Hopefully I will get some good shots.


Uma por Dia said...

Thanks for description and the lovely photo too :)

Jim said...

wonderful pictures

Kerri said...

Wow....I have LOVED This series!!! This is an amazing shot!
And can't wait to see the dog sledding shots!!

Rambling Round said...

Amazing picture, and what an amazing trip that must have been.