Saturday, November 24, 2007


I had heard about geocaching a while back, but got the bug to try one out last week when I discovered that there was cache down in Confluence Park. We headed out, and after some swamp time, got back on the trail and found the cache. The cache included a log book, and various little items, toys, etc. You can leave one and take another. We left the SunRocket (RIP) tape measure, and took a travel bug. A travel bug is a tag with a serial number that is attached to an item, and it's progress is tracked online. It was great to get out on the trail for the morning, and I suspect this is something we will start doing more of.

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Norm Rogers said...

Bill, Caught your post about geocaching on Blogger. My wife and I have been into it for about six months, and are totally addicted. It's a great family activity that will build memories for a lifetime. You can see our caching adventures at