Saturday, November 18, 2006

Desert Sands

About an hour and a half to the North West, the desert dominates in an area known as Rabbit Valley. There is a good deal of vegetation for the furry creatures that must inhabit this area, but the sand is never far away. Neither are the mountain bikes!


Kate said...

The soil is a beautiful colour!

Annie said...

Good morning, Bill. Like Kate I enjoyed looking at the rich colors in this photo. And I'm happy to be out of hearing range of the mountain bikes.

Bill said...

We were on “human powered” Mountain bikes, and I must tell you, the sand makes that interesting. You get a good work out. We did see some motorcycles in the area, but they were very courteous. All slowed down when approaching our group and some stopped to chat. The common thread being: You peddled up that? Generally you heard silence, and the fast beating of your heart.

A number of years ago we were 4 wheeling up Imogene Pass a bit south of here in a Jeep CJ-7. We got passed by a group of around 12 motorcycles, and the driver of our Jeep made a comment regarding the noise of the machines, and a general dislike of motorcyclists. A short time later, our Jeep lost traction, and began to slide backwards towards a steel drop off. We got stopped right by the edge, and got out safely.

It turns out that the motorcyclists watched the entire thing, and came back to assist. When the first one crested the hill we had slid down, he realized how slick it was, and promptly laid the bike down, coming to a stop none to far from us. Before he could get up, the 2nd bike did the same thing. The first biker was struggling back up the hill to warn the others, but he did not get there before a 3rd bike slid on by. Finally they got all the bikes stopped at the top of the hill, removed the 3 from the bottom, and then all of them came over to us. They hooked up a chain to the Jeep, and using brute manual force, pulled the Jeep back to a point where it could get traction.

We were safe, and as quickly as they came, they were off again. Our opinions of bikers changed drastically that day!

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ton passage sur mon blog sur la ville d'Evry.
Je decouvre ton blog et j'aime beaucoup.
Ta photo (et les couleurs) est magnifique. Bravo
Je te souhaite un bon dimanche

Thank you for your passage on my blog on the town of Evry. I discover your blog and I like much. Your photograph (and colors) is splendid. Cheer I wish you good Sunday

Anonymous said...

Rabbit name and cool foto!

Meg Nakagawa said...

This reminds me - I really must vacuum the living room carpet.

kostas said...

I love the desert color!