Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Got Your Back Big Guy

I have talked before about the vendors that setup outside Delta Super, and last week a new one showed up with a very interesting mix of metal art. The owner, Dan, told me that he use to have a store in Grand Junction known as Rattles & Rust, but overhead was an issue, so he has started doing more of these sorts of sales. He says that he plans to be in Delta once a month or so, and I look forward to his visits. So if you need a wire cowboy, road runner, chicken, suite of armor, Harley Davidson sigh, or a cow scull, I have the place for you! If you really need them all, I am sure he would deal! I will show a few more pics of his offerings this week.


Anonymous said...

That is different. I wonder where you could put it in a house?

photowannabe said...

He is quite talented and I hope he will get some business. I don't think the suit of armor goes with my decor though.