Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Wet

Life kind of got in the way of my postings, but I am back at it, picking up back on the 4th of July in Ouray. The parade seems to get to be more of a water fight each year, and this year was not exception. This guy seems somewhat out gunned!


photowannabe said...

Bill, I just read your comment and am so sorry the job situation is so crazy. It saddens me to think of you leaving Delta. From your pictures it seems like a bit of heaven on earth.
I will keep you in my prayers. Its hard to know what God's doing sometimes. Deuteronomy 31:8 and Phil. 1:6 and be some comfort to you.
Please keep me in the loop.

Kate said...

Water fights make kids of all of us!

IamMBB said...

The water fights during the Aspen Fourth of July parade got so bad that they finally banned water guns, etc. from floats.