Sunday, March 23, 2008

He has Risen!

These three trees remind me that the old wooden cross, one of the cruelest ways man has ever devised to kill someone, was not enough to overcome the love of God. Today, some 2000 years later, much of Delta will still be celebrating the fact that "He has Risen Indeed"!

Happy Easter Everyone!


photowannabe said...

Beautiful photograph Bill. Its a great depiction of the 3 crosses. My heart has stirred by so many posts proclaiming He has risen.
We had a wonderful Easter with 11 services and over 18,000 attending one of them. Lots of work and many hours of volunteering, but worth every minute for the new people coming into the kingdom.

Kerri said...

I spent Easter with my parents and kids and two siblings at my parents house. We all went to my parents "country" church....with about 40 people in attendance. But it was a lovely service!

Relatos said...

It is very beautiful. Thank you.
Saludos, Sandra R.